This is how one Filipina domestic worker’s ‘tiny’ room in HK looks like

This may not be the case for all overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong, or in any other parts of the world for that matter, but it definitely reveals how a particular number of our so-called “modern-day heroes” are being discriminated, one way or another.

This picture was supposedly sent by a Filipina working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong to the website Coconuts Hong Kong. The article written by Laurel Chor was published on March 30, 2015.

According to the article, citing the writer’s conversation with the Filipina lady through Facebook, it was the first time the OFW encountered such type of room in her eight years of employment in Hong Kong. She has been with her latest employer for two years now.

The room allegedly measures only 170 centimeters (5.5 feet) long and 69 centimeters (2.3 feet) wide with a wooden partition on one side and pushed against a concrete wall on the other.

“It looks like a cabinet with a bed,” the article quoted the OFW as saying and described her feeling when lying down over it as like “sleeping on a coffin.”

She further explained that while the area where her bed lies is a little bit bigger, she is confined only to that particular space and the rest is not part of her sleeping quarters.

To prove her point, the OFW also sent a photo of a washing machine which supposedly lies next to her bed; thereby further limiting the space.

The Filipina said she has been having nightmares everytime she retires to bed, but is forced to endure the discomfort; back pains included. She added she can’t even move properly or stretch her hands for comfort. (Click here to read more)


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