Boyhood playmates reunites, become engaged, except one is now a woman

Childhood friends ending up as lovers, and eventually as husband-and-wife, is a fairly common story. But “boy-friends” and former playmates ending up as romantic partner is relatively rare.

More than 15 years ago, Christopher Dodd and Kevin Purdham were inseparable as childhood friends, playing “boy games” like football, toy guns and Playstation. The best friends eventually lost contact when they were about nine or ten years old.

Several years later, the two were reunited at a party and Christopher said it was love-at-first-sight, but this time Kevin metamorphosed into someone ‘beautiful’ named Fay Purdham.

“When I saw Fay again, I was gob smacked by how beautiful she was and I fell for her immediately,” the 23-year-old college student Christopher recalled.

Christopher and Kevin, or rather, Fay, grew up together in South Bank, Middlesbrough in the United Kingdom. They would spend hours playing football, cars and cowboys since the two were close being family friends.

At age 12, Fay realized she was gay and embarked on her journey towards womanhood after coming out to her family. She also stopped playing guns and balls with Christopher and became interested in dolls.

By 16, she was determined to become a woman and started taking hormones, which triggered her physical transformation from masculine to feminine. She also lost touch with her best friend because the latter had to move away. They wouldn’t see each other again until after several years.

The two were reunited at Christopher’s 21st birthday when Fay turned up at the party with her elder sister.

“As soon as he saw me, he came over to me,” Fay recalled. His first words were: “God you look different” and we both burst out laughing.”

Christopher told her that he has heard about the gender reassignment surgery but didn’t expect to see her how beautiful she has turned into a woman, and the last time he saw her she was still Kevin. (Click here to read more)


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