Family of seven die, including the girl they tried to save from drowning

Six people belonging to the same family tried to rescue one of their members who fell into the river by forming a human chain, each holding to the other’s hand; and all died in the attempt, including the one they were trying to save.

The heartbreaking misfortune happened in the city of Shantou in the Guandong province in China on Sunday after the family of four adults and three teenage children visited a cemetery near a river in Jinzao Town in Chaoyang District , Xinhua news agency reports.

Local officials said the family, all surnamed Wu, went to visit a grave on the occasion of Tombs Sweeping Day holiday when one of their members, a 17-year-old girl, decided to wash her hands at the nearby reservoir and fell into the water.

Without anyone among the family who knew how to swim, the six members held each other’s hand to form a human chain until they could reach the teenage girl. Unfortunately all of them fell one by one and drowned.

The fatalities include the girl, her siblings aged 13 (girl) and 15 (boy), her parents, an aunt and an uncle. The rescuers reached the area but all they found were lifeless bodies.

Residents who witnessed the incident from the opposite banks, but could only watch helplessly, told authorities the family were desperate to rescue the girl. Their determination however, ended in devastating tragedy. (Click here to read more)


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