Hospital calls playboy’s 17 GF after car accident, and all came to visit

Some secrets are just not meant to be secrets forever. They will be revealed in time, and most often, under the least expected circumstances.


 A Chinese Romeo thought he was too smart as he managed to keep 17 girlfriends at the same time, with some of his relationships lasting as long as nine years without any of the girls finding out about the others.

One woman even claimed she has a son with “Mr. Casanova”; a man named Mr. Yuan from Changsa in Hunan province. His age was not immediately known.

However, things apparently are not going to remain that way after he was involved in a car accident last March 24 and had to stay at the hospital to recuperate.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Yuan, the doctors contacted his ‘relatives’ to inform them of his injuries, and all the seventeen girlfriends, showed up at the hospital, much to the shock of the ladies, but even more of the philandering man.

One girl he’d been seeing for 18 months said she was really worried after learning her boyfriend met an accident; but her tears turned to hatred when other beautiful women, aged between 20 and 40, began to turn up.

Another said she was shocked and thought they have actually planned their wedding. The mother of Yuan’s child suddenly had a change of heart and decided she didn’t love him anymore.

The playboy’s story has attracted a lot of attention from Chinese social media, with some undecided whether to admire him for his brave romantic exploits or to condemn him for his despicable deception.

Meanwhile, his women had set up a Facebook page where all the 17 ladies chat with each other and discovered how much they have been taken for a ride by their ex-paramour.

A fraud

The story, however, does not end there for Mr. Yuan. Subsequent investigation into his case revealed he is actually a fraudster whose primary motivation in his several romantic affairs is to squeeze money from his victims.

This was after the women admitted they have all financially supported their boyfriend for years; making him several thousands richer.

He also allegedly defrauded his former wife with US $40,000 before divorcing her, according to a report from China Daily. A probe into his social media account further revealed 200 more women as potential victims of his scam. (Click here to read more)


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