Forget the dress: Is this cat going up or down?

The internet is faced with a new problem after the mind-boggling, eye-deceiving and highly-divisive “What color is the dress” craze.

This, time netizens are debating whether a cat is going up on the stairs or down from it in the latest optical illusion riddle to sweep the cyberspace.

The image of the unassuming feline trotting on the flight of a staircase was first posted on 9Gag and has since divided netizens, receiving more than 3500 comments, each trying desperately to explain why they think the cat is going up, or down.

Whether it is up or down, the netizen’s guesses are based mostly on the structures around – the walls, the floor on the opening and the treads of the stairs.

For those who believe the cat is going down, guesses are mostly based on the appearance of the surrounding structures –  the walls, the floor at the opening and the treads of the stairs – plus the direction of the light.

“You could infer that it’s going down from the extruding part on the steps of the stairs; if that cat was going up, it would mean that the horizontal face of the stairs would be uneven and the tip of your feet could get stumbled upon it while going down, which could result in falling down through a whole staircase,” one said. “Either that or the architect is the worst one ever known to mankind.”

“Down because generally the wood would be flat on the horizontal portion of the stairs and the stone is on the back/vertical portion of the stairs,” inferred another.

“Down for two reasons, one architectural and the other biological. First, the tiles and mosaic are traditionally facing the person coming up the stairs which they are here,” another netizen wrote.

On the other hand, those who think it is going down anchored their arguments on the position of the cat’s tail. (Click here to read more)


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