“I sat on Jesus’ lap”: Girl who survived 30-ft fall claims going to heaven

A girl from Texas claims to have gone to heaven and meet Jesus after losing consciousness when she fell 30-feet inside a tree rabbit hole and survived, virtually unscathed. She also claimed to have seen an angel who stayed with her the whole time until she woke up.

The extraordinary account of Annabel Wilson Beam, 12, was revealed in the book Miracles from Heaven written by her own mother, Christy Wilson Beam, 42. The girl was only 6 when the supposed unbelievable incident happened.

Annabel was playing with her two sisters, Abigail, now 14, and Adelynn, now 10, in their backyard in December 2011 when she slipped into a hollowed out tree and fell 30 feet below.

Her mum said the girl hit her head three times during the fall and this was shown in the MRI findings. The rescue team managed to lift her up using a harness and took her to Fort Worth’s Cook Children’s Hospital via a helicopter.

Amid fears of massive injuries to the brain and spinal cord, the family were relieved after being told she suffered only minor injuries which includes small concussions and superficial bumps and bruises.

I sat in Jesus’ lap

Mum Christy said Annabel started talking about religious visions in the days that followed since the accident. The girl claims to have gone to heaven and meet God during those moments when she was unconscious following the fall.

“I went to heaven when I was in that tree,” the mother recalled her daughter telling them. “I sat in Jesus’ lap.”

Annabel also told them the gates of heaven were made of gold and Jesus told her it wasn’t her time yet. She supposedly meet an angel too, who did not speak, but stayed and shone light on her so she could see. She added she just sat with the angel “peacefully.”

“And I saw an angel that looked very small, like a fairy,” she narrated. “And the God winked at me through the body of the angel and what He was saying to me was, ‘I’m going to leave you now and everything is going to be okay.’”

When asked how Jesus looked like, Annabel said he was dressed in “beautiful, long white robe” with dark skin and a beard: “Kinda like Santa Claus, but not really.”

Cured of incurable condition

The family also claimed Annabel had stopped showing symptoms of her previous rare and incurable condition – pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. The disease had previously cost them frequent visits to hospital for her treatment since 2008. (Click here to read more)


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