Heartwarming: Man buys all roses from seller, then asks her to give them out for free

A flower seller aboard a train in New York was surprised when a man bought all her flowers, but took nothing from the bunch and rather asked the woman to give the roses to all the passengers, for free.

In the clip, a woman can be seen offering commuters her flowers when a man suddenly approached her and asked how many pieces were on her basket. He also asked for how much she were selling them.

Believing the man was a potential ordinary customer normally interested in buying only a few pieces, the unsuspecting seller said she has 140 pieces and were selling them for $1 each.

To her surprise, the man handed him notes amounting to $140 but asked that he distribute the flowers to fellow train passengers.

“So I’ll give you $140,” the man told her. “But you gotta do me a favor, you have to give them out.”

“Don’t sell any of them, give them all away,” the stranger added.

Touched by the heart-warming gesture from an unknown good-hearted fellow, the woman started sobbing but the man comforted her immediately and said: “Today is a happy day.” (Click here to read more and watch the video)


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