Cebu-Pac steward accused of stealing Y8,000 (P58K) from Chinese passengers

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino cabin crew became the subject of investigation after he was accused of stealing money from Chinese passengers on a Cebu-Pacific flight from Kalibo, Aklan to Changsha, China.

According to Chinese media reports, three passengers of the August 11 Cebu-Pacific Flight 5J52 discovered that there were cash missing amounting to almost 8,000 Chinese yuans (about P58,000) from their luggage after reaching their destination.

The passengers reportedly complained of the theft to the police who immediately launched an investigation.

Upon inspection of the aircraft, the suspect allegedly run to the toilet and attempted to flush some of the money into the toilet bowl. Police also found other bills were found a trash bin.

However, sketchy reports from other news outlet about the incident did not mention how the male attendant became the suspect in the alleged theft.

A Facebook post of one Henry Wong provided some details about the incident. It read:

Although he was able to flush dozens of pieces of RMB¥100 bills down the toilet, airport policemen were still able to recover damp RMB bills from the garbage bin in the lavatory.

The whole crew were said to have conspired to committing the crime because other flight attendants and the air marshall were covering the suspect when he rushed to the toilet trying to destroy all evidences.

The crew started to look suspicious when they insisted that the window shields must be pulled down all the time and even small sling bags were required to be stored in overhead bin while much bigger school bags of children were exempted.

Wong added the passenger-victims have provided written testimony to the authorities in support of their claim. (Please click here to read more)


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