Iloilo City cashier returns P100K found on passenger jeep

ILOILO CITY, Philippines – A cashier working at convenience store in Iloilo is the latest proof that honesty still resides in many Filipinos amid difficult times.

Apple Jean Pineda boarded a passenger jeepney plying the Jaro-Liko route in La Paz district early morning on Wednesday, August 12, when she chanced upon an abandoned transparent envelope filled with cash.

The 24-year old cashier told Inquirer she asked first the five passengers inside whether the envelope belongs to any of them before calling the attention of driver Randy Dakinay.

According to Pineda, the envelope had a name written on it but did not include a contact number.

When no one claimed, both she and Dakinay decided to go to a GMA Network station to turn over the money.

Later, a woman went to the TV station to claim the lost money. She said she was supposed to deposit the amount in the bank.

Pineda said she never think twice about returning the money to its rightful owner. (Please click here to read more)


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