Pinay helper who won S$2.3-M in Singapore lottery accused of stealing ticket

A Filipina domestic helper who won S$2.3-million (P75.5-million) in a lottery in Singapore two months ago is now being accused of stealing the winning ticket.

However, the OFW insists she owns the ticket after buying it at Tampines Singapore Pools outlet while accompanying a friend to a money remittance center.

The Filipina also wondered that despite the police repeatedly questioning her about the supposedly stolen ticket, no one was ever presented in person to support the claim.

Instant millionaire

In a report from The Straits Times, the 44-year old helper, only identified as Len (not her real name), said she purchased the winning ticket in June. On the very same night, she won the Singapore Sweep top prize and became an instant multi-millionaire.

After claiming the prize, she deposited the amount to a bank account and remitted part of it to her two children in the Philippines. Her 22-year-old daughter and her 23-year-old son both received the money she sent.

But in July, three officers from Ang Mo Kio police division paid her a visit. She is still working with a family in Pasir Ris with whom she has been employed for the past 14 years.

Her employer’s son was also present when the cops visited their apartment.

The cops reportedly informed the Filipina that they received a complaint from someone claiming to be the real owner of the ticket, and that it was stolen.

Video erased, no claimant presented

The OFW said she was surprised by the sudden turn of events, but, nevertheless, agreed to the police’s request to provide details of her bank account. She also showed them a copy of the receipts of the money transfer she had made earlier.

The woman then went with the cops to the Tampines outlet where she purchased the ticket.

When the police went inside to check the CCTV footage of the time she supposedly bought the ticket, she was ordered to remain outside with the other cop.

“When they came out, they said the security camera video of me buying the ticket had been erased,” Len told The Straits Times.

She also offered to show the police the remittance center where she accompanied her friend but was told it is no longer necessary, after which she was brought back to her employer’s house.

The police allegedly kept on asking her more questions while they were in the car. She had since received at least four calls from the same officers asking about the same questions.

“I kept asking the officers to tell me who was accusing me of stealing the ticket, but they wouldn’t say,” she said. (Click here to read more)


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