Amid conflict, Israeli soldier shares food with hungry Arab girl

  • An Israeli soldier was pictured sharing a box of cereal with a hungry Arab girl
  • The scene was captured in an area marred by violence due to string of clashes between Arab Islamists and Israeli Jews
  • The soldier said the girl reminded him that even in conflict, there are human beings who just want to be happy

101511“We should never forget that being human comes before every conflict” – this was according to the Israeli soldier who was pictured sharing a box of cereal to a young Arab girl he found searching for food in the garbage.

The soldier is Evyatar Ofri of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) who was among the troops guarding an area in the desert near Jerusalem marred recently by a spate of violence from the deadly attacks of Islamists mostly coming from its Arab neighborhood.
Just recently, 13 Israelis and 30 Palestinians were killed in the series of stabbing, shooting and stoning incidents in the area, sending a wave of panic across the Jewish state.

But despite the simmering tension, Ofri did not think twice to show that a soldier is still a human who can set aside differences when it is called for, especially when it concerns giving hope to a young soul in distress.

The touching image was shared on the Facebook page of Stand With Us, a pro-Israeli organization that educates on the nature of Arab-Israeli conflict.

The post said Ofri met the 10-year-old Arab girl named Ranni, who he described as “the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen”, while he was cleaning their site and taking the trash out. (Click here to read more)


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