Cheating husband gets dumped with huge motorway billboard message

  • The woman was betrayed by her husband
  • She paid hundreds of pounds for a huge billboard sign
  • Motorists who saw the message were both stunned and amused
  • The wife said she’s fine despite the betrayal

A jilted woman found an extraordinary way of dumping her cheating husband, and made sure that the whole world knows about it.

The wife, who is known only as Lisa, paid hundreds of pounds for a 15 feet x 10 feet billboard at the South Yorkshire city north of England to tell her husband, as well as the rest of the community, that his marriage to her is over because of her dalliance with another woman.

The huge billboard, which both stunned and amused motorists and commuters, was strategically placed along Sheffield Parkway last week. It read:

To my cheating husband Paul.

You deserve each other.

When you get home I won’t be there.

Enjoy your drive to work!


The billboard sign has gone viral after its photo was shared widely on Twitter.

“This sign has appeared on the Parkway in Sheffield. Oooops :-)” tweeted one user named @stownend13.

Another user said: “Saw the sign on the #sheffieldparkway on my way to work! Good for you Lisa!”

Some people doubted the authenticity of the message but an executive from Kong Media, Mark Catrall, confirmed it’s real and had sold the digital message board to ‘Lisa’ for a ‘few hundreds of pounds’.

Catrall recalled the wife wanted the sign to be flashed during rush hours. It was also the first time a message of such kind was seen in England, he said. (Click here to read more)


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