Cop insulted by ‘arrogant’ Fil-am traffic violator earns praises for keeping his cool

  • A young Fil-Am refused to acknowledge his violation and cursed at the guards
  • He refused to hand over his driver’s license to the officers
  • The suspect disrespected the cops and kept on cursing at them several times
  • He was slapped with penalties and his license was confiscated
  • The cop who remained calm throughout the incident earned online praises and commendation

MANILA, Philippines – A police officer in Clark Development Corporation (CDC) in Clark, Pampanga earned the praises and admiration of netizens for keeping his cool despite being disrespected and cursed at by a young Filipino-American he investigated for traffic violation.

The cop was identified in media reports as Roberto I. Lagman Jr., traffic accident investigator and police on duty at the Public Safety Department (PSD) of CDC. He handled the inquiry against Thomas Jason Cooley, the 19-year-old Fil-Am who was caught drifting his car at a parking lot in a tennis court inside the Free Zone on October 11.

In a viral video shared by CDC security officer Jake Batan with Top Gear Phils., Cooley can be heard cursing at Lagman during the inquiry, dropping the ‘F’ word several times. The officer, on the other hand, kept his composure, while calmly admonishing the violator and reminding the latter to be respectful.

Arrogant violator

In the more than 3-minute clip, Cooley was apparently arguing his case against the cop who confiscated his license for the violation.

He was reportedly caught drifting his KIA silver gray car (PKO 199) around 2 am on Sunday with some friends. A security guard at the compound reminded the group that it is not allowed in the area.

But Cooley denied he was drifting and reportedly berated the guard who reported the matter to the Tactical Operation Center (TOC). (Click here to read more)


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