Love will win: Syrian couple shares a kiss in makeshift refugee camp

  • The moving image was captured by a Hungarian photographer inside a crowded station
  • It was a lucky moment to have shot the photo amid scenes of destitution and exhaustion
  • The image has since gone viral online with the caption: “Love will win”

For the photographer who captured the moving scene, the image was a lovely proof that love, among all other things, transcends borders. It can be found and felt anywhere; even in the most distressing circumstances and amid misery and uncertainty.

The photo was shot by 30-year-old Zsíros István from Aszod, Budapest in a crowded and one of the busiest train stations in Hungary in the middle of piles of debris and makeshift tent that serves as temporary home to around 2,500 refugees from Syria and other parts of Middle East and northern Africa.

Istvan said it was around 8:40 in the morning on August 30 when he got the ‘lucky moment’ to capture the intimate and tender image of a Syrian couple, who appeared to be oblivious to the squalor and exhaustion scattered around them, sharing a kiss.

“I didn’t speak to them. I’m not a journalist, I wasn’t making a reportage. I do weddings, for friends and acquaintances. I rarely photograph in town; I prefer nature. But I try to catch moments,” the IT professional narrated.

The scene was picture of life affirmation, contrary to the heartbreaking viral photo of Syrian boy Ahlan Kurdi, whose image of his dead, young body found on a Turkish beach has somehow come to symbolize the plight of migrants who fled conflicts in their homeland, and sparked worldwide outrage and sympathy.

The Hungarian photographer said he wanted to see the refugees with his own eyes, not through the eyes of the media. (Click here to read more)


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