AFP ranked 6th worst army in the world

  • The AFP is ranked 6th worst army in the world by “We are the Mighty”
  • The group said the present administration’s effort seems to have fallen short of its promise
  • It describes the Philippines Air Force (PAF) and Philippine Navy (PN) as ‘nearly 6o years old’

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the ongoing efforts of the Aquino administration to initiate the long-delayed modernization programs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), whatever it has trumpeted to have achieved over the past years seems to have fallen short of the required standards to be ranked as one of the world’s formidable army.

This was according to “We are the Mighty”, a group, according to Inquirer, that is composed of former and retired US soldiers, who ranked the Philippines as one with the worst Army in the world.

In the list compiled by Blake Stillwell and published on the group’s website, the AFP was ranked at no. 6; even worse than the army of Tajikistan and Mongolia, but slightly better than Iraq and South Korea.

“The President of the Philippines vowed to upgrade the country’s aging Navy and Air Force to the tune of $1.7 billion, the Philippine Congress passed a bill appropriating $2 billion for the effort and … that’s it,” wrote Stillwell.

“Despite the Chinese military buildup in the region, with aggressive moves by the Chinese to claim areas and build islands close to the Philippines, the Philippines’ Naval and Air Forces are still nearly 60 years old and its ships are old U.S. Coast Guard cutters,” he added.

But Presidential Communications Secretary Hermino Coloma downplayed the country’s low ranking; saying President Aquino has been committed from the very start to the modernization of the military, acquiring defense assets through various initiatives available.

So far, Coloma said during a press briefing, the present government has implemented 56 defense programs; not to mention the 45 projects already achieved in the past administrations. (Click here to read more)


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