Bad day: Man drops phone in toilet, then gets arm stuck while trying to retrieve it

  • Man accidentally drops his smartphone while pulling up his trousers inside the toilet
  • The device went further down the pipe, beyond his reach
  • His arm got stuck inside the cesspit and had to be rescued by firefighters

How far is anyone willing to go to recover their much-loved phone if they happen to lose it?

A Chinese man had probably the worst day of his life when his smartphone accidentally fell from his pocket into the toilet bowl while pulling up his trousers after relieving himself.

The unnamed man from Haining in Zhejiang province proved there is nothing that could separate him from his phone, even a toilet bowl full of human excrements.

Determined to recover his much-loved device, he decided to reach for it down the cesspit full of murky wastes. He refused to flush the mess with any water, scared of pushing the unit further down the pipe.

Unfortunately for him, the phone sank beyond his reach and recovery. Worse, when he finally gave up and tried to lift his arms out of the hole, he got stuck, leaving his face within inches of the filth.

Firefighters have to be called in to rescue the man’s hand by breaking the bowl after witnesses outside heard his cry for help.

The man’s stomach-churning ordeal lasted for nearly one agonizing hour before his arm was finally freed.

It was indeed a bad day for the unnamed man who also got a scolding from rescuers for taking matters into his own hand – he lost his phone, got stuck for an hour and went home with a red and swollen limb. (Click here to read more)


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