Town holds early Christmas for terminally-ill boy who may not live till December

  • A 7-year-old boy from Ontario was diagnosed with the incurable brain cancer
  • Doctors say he may not live through the holiday season
  • The whole town decided to celebrate Christmas early in October for the dying boy


It is still two months before Christmas, but a small town in Canada has celebrated the yuletide season for a 7-year-old boy who was diagnosed with brain tumor and may not likely live until Christmas, according to doctors.

Evan Leversage is suffering from an inoperable brain cancer and was given only a few weeks to live by his physicians, and has very little chance that he may make it through the Christmas holiday.

So Evan’s mother, Nicole Wellwood, requested her family and friends if they could celebrate Christmas in October for the dying boy. Evan himself has come up with a bucket list which include, among other, a visit to Niagara Falls, a day at the movies and a lunch at his favorite restaurant.

But high on the list was Christmas.

Outpouring of sympathy and love

Word spread quickly in the town of St. George in Ontario about the boy’s request, and many people came and joined in planning what could be the best for Evan.

Love and sympathy poured in for the family, and of course, gifts for Evan from across the different parts of the town, near and far. There was a Sponge Bob Square pants, a Batman hat and a card from Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber himself.

The Brantford Police Department has also stepped in and made Evan an honorary member.

Christmas parade

But the highlight came on Saturday, October 24; two months before Christmas Eve.

The town organized a parade where around 7,000 people turned up to join and celebrate with the family. The affair was complete with 25 floats that participated, a snow machine and, of course, Santa Claus.

There is not enough words to describe the joy on Evan’s face, and the anguish on his mother’s as she watched her son enjoy his last Christmas. (Click here to read more)


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