Woman ‘freezes to death’ after being trapped inside cryochamber for hours

  • A woman was found dead inside the cryotherapy machine in the salon she managed
  • She is believed to have ‘frozen to death’ in the -115 degrees Celsius temperature
  • No one knows what exactly happened but police ruled death as by ‘operator error’


A 24-year-old salon manager in Nevada was found dead after being trapped inside a cryotheraphy machine for hours.

Authorities believe Chelsea Ake, manager of Rejuvenice salon in Henderson, was ‘frozen to death’ after accidentally locking herself for more than 10 hours in the cryochamber while closing the shop last week.

Workers were devastated after discovering the victim’s lifeless body the next morning.

Ake is believed to have been trapped inside the chamber, a device used by athletes to relieve pain, and may have suffocated herself after the temperature went down as cold as -115 degrees Celsius.

Her close friend, Shae-Lynn Bee, told a local television she knew that Ake was closing the shop but did not know what happened next that led to the freak accident.

“I do know that she was alone closing the shop up, and then did go into the machine and apparently it didn’t turn off,” Bee said. “It’s very frustrating to know because there are no cameras in there so basically the only person that does know what happened is Chelsea.”


Why the machine malfunctioned, she added, remains a mystery to her. But investigators ruled out any foul play and concluded Ake’s death was a result of an “operator error”. (Click here to read more)


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