Bongbong to PNoy: Move on, people still voting for the Marcoses

  • Bongbong Marcos believes it is time for Pres. Aquino to move on
  • He also believes people have forgiven his father
  • The senator was reacting to Aquino’s statement that people will not allow the Marcoses be back into power

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Bongbong Marcos believes it is time for President Benigno “PNoy” Aquino to move forward since it is apparent that people have already forgiven the alleged abuses committed by his late-father dictator under the martial law years.

Marcos was reacting to a statement from Aquino during a forum with members of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) saying he is confident the Filipinos will not allow the Marcoses’ return to power.

“I have faith in my bosses, the Filipino people. There is nothing that has caused me to change the faith, that they are able to discern,” Aquino was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

However, in an interview with evening news program Bandila, Senator Marcos, a vice presidential aspirant in 2016, said his bid is not an attempt to regain lost power but to continue the family legacy in public service.

“We are not after the power but to continue our service to the nation, that’s what we want. We are not thinking about getting back into power,” the senator said in Filipino. “That is not the issue, we just want to make people’s lives a bit better.”

When asked whether it’s time for President Aquino to move on, Marcos said “Yes”.

He also believes the Filipino have already forgotten the so-called ‘sins’ of his father and that his family have been ‘vindicated’ when people elected them back into office.

“Siguro, yes. Binoboto kami eh,” Marcos pointed out. (I think yes. We’re being elected.)

Marcos reiterated there is no need for him to apologize for something that was not even there in the first place. (Click here to read more)


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