Foreigner claims his daughter was a ‘laglag-bala’ victim in 2012

  • A story resurfaced on social media of a foreigner who posted a bullet scam incident in 2012
  • A foreigner claims her daughter fell victim to the bullet-planting at the airport
  • The story strengthens belief amid the mounting bullet-scam controversy that it has been going on for quite some time

MANILA, Philippines – This is probably another proof that the ‘laglag-bala’ (bullet-dropping) or ‘tanim-bala’ (bullet-planting) scam has been going on at the airport for quite some time.

The 3-year-old post has resurfaced on social media lately amid the raging controversy that landed the Philippines in international headlines. It was re-shared via the Ang Kapal Na Nga, Ang K*pal Pa Facebook page.

The story dated September 18, 2012 was told by one BritPaul from Northants, United Kingdom who warned everyone to be careful when coming to Manila airport, although he did not specifically referr to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Paul said his daughter went through the scanning procedure with her bags when a security agent called her over and searched her belongings.

“He (agent) ‘found’ a bullet casing and told her there would be an investigation and that she would have to miss her flight,” Paul wrote. “Obviously she was very frightened and distressed.”

The agent supposedly asked Paul’s daughter for $1,000 in exchange for erasing the alleged images of the bullet found in her luggage. However, the girl did not have the amount being ‘negotiated’ for her ‘clearance’. (Click here to read more)


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