Viral video accuses Roxas of ‘black ops’ vs rivals

  • A video accuses Roxas of orchestrating black propaganda against his rivals
  • It accuses Roxas of playing dirty tactics against Santiago, Binay, Poe and even Duterte
  • The clip said Binay maintains strong support and remains the biggest threat to Roxas

MANILA, Philippines – A video dubbed ‘Lihim na Paninira’ being circulated on social media lately is accusing administration bet Mar Roxas as the brains behind black propagandas against his rivals for the presidency in 2016.

The nearly 4-minute clip, uploaded on the Facebook page, has also accused the former Interior secretary’s media bureau of spreading the ‘cancer’ rumors against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, when the latter was still weighing his options whether to run for president or not.

A few months ago, an angry Duterte slammed the camp of Roxas for allegedly ordering a veteran journalist to spread the malicious rumor that the former is afflicted with cancer. This prompted the mayor to threaten to expose Roxas’ ‘true nature’ if he would not stop his people from attacking him personally.

While Roxas has apologized to Duterte, the mayor remains doubtful of his intention.

The clip also suggested that the Roxases have a long history of dirty tactics against their rivals; dating back to then former President Manuel Roxas who supposedly employed the same gimmick against political nemesis Sergio Osmeña.

At present, Mar Roxas has allegedly resurrected this machinations to keep his rivals at bay and ensure his victory in the 2016 election.

The clip also alleged that it was the ruling Liberal Party (LP) who is behind all the smear campaign against Roxas’ rivals.

At the forefront of this purported demolition job, the clip said, is Roxas’ media bureau headed by one Ricky C.; citing reports from the tabloid Bulgar. (Click here to read more)


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