Duterte offers prayers for ‘Yolanda’ victims

  • Mayor Duterte is pictured offering prayers for the ‘Yolanda’ victims
  • He was formally invited to the 2nd year anniversary commemorating the typhoon victims, but was unable to come
  • Like many Filipinos, Duterte is also disappointed with the current progress of the rehabilitation works and blamed it on politics

MANILA, Philippines – The victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Visayas provinces have always held a special place in the heart of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte.

After all, the feisty mayor himself was born in Southern Leyte more than seven decades ago, and the place remains close to Duterte’s heart.

In the aftermath of Yolanda, the devastation caused by the supertyphoon has reduced Duterte to tears after seeing dead bodies strewn all over the city of Tacloban. He was among the very first to respond to the disaster; going to Tacloban immediately after the typhoon to bring relief goods and emergency assistance.

“The scene was surreal. You just could not believe that such degree of devastation could ever happen. There were corpses everywhere,” close friend Manny Piñol quoted the mayor as saying then.

Last November 8, the local government of Tacloban has commemorated the 2nd year anniversary ‘Yolanda’ and Duterte was among those who were formally invited.

Like President Aquino, Duterte was unable to come due to some pressing matters, and chose instead to just light candles and offer prayers for the typhoon victims.

In the picture uploaded on his Facebook pageRody Duterte, he was pictured at an undisclosed place in Davao City fulfilling his promise despite being hundreds of miles away from Yolanda’s ground zero. (Click here to read more)


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