Roxas says he’s no snob, but reminds self to smile more often

  • Roxas says he is merely misinterpreted by people who thought him to be a snob
  • The former Interior secretary says he is just passionate about his job and takes it seriously
  • The presidential aspirant also vows to remind himself to smile more often

MANILA, Philippines – Some analysts believe that one of the negative points regarding administration bet Mar Roxas’ presidential ambition is Roxas himself — his personality.

The public has often perceived the former Interior secretary as a snob; or worse, an elitist. One who is difficult to approach, and thus, could hardly connect with people, especially the so-called masses.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago once compared Roxas’ behavior to an ‘academician’, “a politician who doesn’t move and talk so much as necessary; making it difficult for him to mingle and connect with people.”

But Roxas said people may just have misinterpreted him, and thus, the wrong impression. He said he is only passionate about his job and takes them seriously.

“I’m passionate. I care about my work. I care about our country. These are real problems,” Roxas said in an interview with the Philstar.

“These are serious matters that need serious attention. But if it is light note, I can also engage,” the former senator added.

Roxas has figured in some controversy casting him in a bad light as an arrogant and hot-tempered person, such as the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club incident more than a year ago that led to his club membership suspension.

But Roxas assured he is not a snob, and admitted he has already reminded himself to smile more often.

“By the way, I even made a reminder for myself: smile, smile, smile,” Roxas said, and asked Philstar reporters: “You had two hours with me. Am I not charming or amiable?” (Click here to read more)


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