Kim Chiu airs side on ‘jumping on the Comelec line’ issue

  • Kim Chiu is accused of using her celebrity status to skip the Comelec registration line
  • Actress clarifies she did not jump the queue or receive VIP treatment
  • Her supporters slam the video sharer for maligning the actress without knowing the real story behind

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Kim Chiu has addressed the controversy accusing her of supposedly taking advantage of her celebrity status to jump the queue during a Comelec registration late last month.

A concerned netizen has shared a video recently allegedly showing the Kapamilya actress skipping the line ahead of other registrants, including senior citizens, at a mall in Marikina.

According to the Facebook page Kupal Lord, which uploaded the short clip, many people were waiting to be registered that day inside the mall.

“Noong nag sisimula na ang processing, may biglaang dumating na artista itago na lang natin sa pangalang “Kim Chiu” (hahaha) So ayun dahil artista nga hindi nya na kailangan pumila,” the post read.

(As the process starts, a celebrity, who we will hide under the name “Kim Chiu”, suddenly arrived. So that’s it, because she is an actress, there is no need to fall in line.)

“Pag artista ka di ka na kailangan pumila!!! dito lang yan sa comelec Marikina.
Pati senior citizens kawawa sa kanila. Comelec chairman ayusin mo naman mga bata mo,”
the post added.

(If you’re a celebrity, there’s no need to fall in line!!! Only here in Comelec Marikina. Even the poor senior citizens [were disregarded]. Please Comelec chairman, fix this.)

The post went viral and netizens were quick to deride the actress for the alleged preferential treatment she received from Comelec employees.

However, Kim Chiu clarified she neither asked for VIP treatment nor jumped the line at the said event. (Click here to read more)


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