Saudi authorities seize shipment of beers disguised as cola drinks

  • Saudi border authorities seize shipment of beers being passed off as cola drinks
  • The shipment of Heineken beers were disguised as Pepsi cans
  • A border official credited his men for uncovering the trick

Photo Credit: Saudi Gazette

It is no secret that liquors and alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Saudi Arabia, perhaps the country in the Middle East with the most stringent Islamic laws.

But drinkers in the kingdom could sometimes purchase these illegal items from the black markets or from brave bootleggers operating a clandestine, risky business offering liquors and beers at outrageous prices.

How these contrabands somehow found their way through the state’s borders is something that baffled Saudi authorities, until recently.

Early this week, a shipment of European-made beers were caught being smuggled into the border disguised as the popular American cola drink.

A report from Saudi Gazette on November 12 said around 48,000 cans of Heineken beers being passed off as Pepsi cans were seized from a smuggler attempting to bring the shipment across Al Batha border with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The picture uploaded on social media, which has since gone viral, showed the cans of the popular Dutch beer covered with a blue label strip that could easily be mistaken for a genuine Pepsi Cola. (Click here to read more)


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