Belgian national named as mastermind in deadly Paris attack

  • A Belgian national has been named as the mastermind in the Paris attack
  • He is believed to have financed and overseen the deadly Friday massacre that killed 129 people
  • Other suspects are also identified by French authorities


A Belgian national of Moroccan origin has been named as the suspected mastermind in the horrific terror attack in Paris on Friday night that has claimed the lives of 129 people including 89 concert-goers who were massacred inside the Bataclan theater.

The French security officials named the suspect as 27-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud who was profiled as “one of the most active ISIS executioners in Syria”. The man is also linked to the foiled attack on the high-speed Paris train, as well as on a Paris church earlier.

The French authorities have so far conducted 168 raids since Friday, taking into custody around 108 ‘people of interest’. On the other hand, Belgian authorities have detained at least seven people for questioning.

“Last night’s arrests did not succeed in nabbing the right person. We are still actively looking for him and I presume we will succeed,” Belgian justice minister was quoted as saying.

Abaaoud is said to be a son of a shopkeeper from Morocco. He joined the ISIS in 2013 and earned notoriety in the intelligence world as the man who appeared in a video driving a van filled with mutilated bodies about to be buried in a mass grave.

His participation in the Paris attack is said to be quite extensive that he reportedly financed and supervised the attack himself.

“He’s exactly the kind of people you would expect to plan something like this. You don’t go from never trying anything to masterminding an attack involving multiple attackers, multiple targets and multiple weapons,” The Independent analyst Charlie Winter said of Abaaoud. (Click here to read more)


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