ISIS-bound US Hellfire missiles scribbled with “From Paris, With Love”?

  • Photos of missiles and bombs scribbled with “From Paris, With Love” emerged on social media
  • The message is said to be an “act of solidarity with the victims of Paris massacre”
  • The veracity of the photograph has not been confirmed so far


Missiles and bombs headed for the ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq were allegedly scribbled with the words “From Paris, With Love” as a message of revenge for those whose lives were wasted in the Friday terror attack that killed 129 people in France and injured dozens.

Although scribbling similar messages has become sort of a tradition for the US military since the World War II, the authenticity of the photograph that has emerged on social media remains unverified.

The pictures showed the revenge message scrawled over US Hellfire missiles and JDAM bombs supposedly in act of “solidarity with the victims of the Paris massacre” and is believed to be written in black and white markers by American military.

The bombs are said to be heading for the Islamic State territory in the Middle East, but the exact target were not disclosed.

On Sunday, two days after the suicide bombings in Paris, ten French war planes reportedly dropped 20 bombs in ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa, Syria which targeted the jihadist’s command center, a recruitment center, a munitions depot and a training camp for fighters.

The bomb raids were conducted in coordination with the fighter jets from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan and the United States military.

111608There were no civilians who got hurt or killed in the French bombings, the anti-ISIS activist group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, said in its independent report.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Paris carnage; saying a team from the Caliphate set out “targeting the capital of prostitution and vice, the lead carrier of the cross in Europe and Paris”. (Click here to read more)


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