Defiant Taiwanese bet refuses to wear “Chinese Taipei” sash at Miss Earth, gets booted out

  • A defiant Taiwanese bet to Miss Earth refuses to wear the ‘Miss Chinese Taipei” sash
  • She was eventually kicked out from the pageant for her defiance
  • But she did not regret leaving the pageant where she claimed they were treated ‘a little better than prisoners’

For refusing to change her “Taiwan ROC” sash to “Chinese Taipei”, the Taiwanese bet to Miss Earth was kicked out of the pageant finals which will be held at Marx Halle in ViennaAustria on December 5.

According to a Facebook post of Ting Wen-yin, Taiwan’s 22-year-old bet to Miss Earth, she had been warned earlier before her trip to Vienna that she may be subjected to political pressures from China.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) up to today refuses to recognize Taiwan, or officially call the Republic of China (ROC), as a sovereign state; but rather only a province under the control of the Mainland under the controversial 1992 consensus ‘One China policy.’

In a Shanghaiist article, Yin revealed she was evicted from the pageant after refusing to wear the sash that reads “Miss Chinese Taipei”, and insisted on wearing the one which says “Miss Taiwan ROC”.

“I told them 30,000 times that Taiwan is Taiwan,” wrote the defiant beauty on her post. “I was born in Taiwan, my sash now says Taiwan, I represent Taiwan, and I’m going to use the name of Taiwan in appearing at this pageant.”

But apparently, the organizers just wouldn’t budge in despite her defiance and decided to drop her from the list of contestants. (Click here to read more)


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