‘President Duterte’ could be the Lee Kuan Yew of our age-Piñol

  • Piñol says Duterte could be the Lee Kuan Yew of this age
  • With Duterte as president, the Philippines could be the next Singapore in Asia
  • He also believes the next leader should be both feared and respected

MANILA, Philippines – Former North Cotabato governor Manny Piñol believes his close friend Mayor Rodrigo Duterte could be this age’s Lee Kuan Yew, the late Asian strongman who transformed a once sleeping city into one of the world’s bustling economy.

With Duterte at the helm of the national government, Piñol said in his Facebook blog titled “WILL RODY DUTERTE BE OUR OWN LEE KUAN YEW?” the Philippines could be the next Singapore in Asia with his no-nonsense style of governance and strict adherence to the rule of law.

Piñol compared Duterte’s style of leadership to that of Lee, whose political measures and uncompromising stand on certain issues were once considered tough and harsh; but what the leader ultimately achieved for Singapore would eventually have the world agree that the end justifies the means.

He said he can only see two personalities, so far, who have the same view about such leadership and are capable of impressing upon people this Machiavellian principle of political realism – former Senator Panfilo Lacson and Rody Duterte.

“I am not a messiah. I am the garbage man. I do what nobody else would like to do. I take care of the garbage, including the human garbage,” Piñol quoted Duterte as saying, adding that it may have sounded harsh, but the feisty mayor managed to turn Davao City from a killing field of Communist assassins three decades ago into one of the World’s Safest Cities.

“You will be arrested if you smoke in public, if you explode firecrackers during Christmas and New Year, if you sell alcohol to customers beyond 1 a.m., and if you drive beyond the 30 KPH speed limit in the city’s downtown streets,” Pinol said.

Piñol also believes Davao City could be the microcosm of the Philippines where “the sense of discipline, the fear and respect for the majesty of the law could be embraced by Filipinos elsewhere in the country” as they have when they are outside.

“The Filipinos are by nature honest, mild-mannered and obedient,” he said.” All that we need to bring back these virtues is a leader who epitomizes discipline.”

However, the former governor pointed out that no one can expect the Filipinos to be honest if the leaders – from the President to the lawmakers – themselves are corrupt.

More so, these things can only be achieved by electing a President who is not a thief and who is both feared and respected.

“The Philippines could be Asia’s next Singapore,” Piñol added. “Rody Duterte could be the Lee Kuan Yew of our age.”

Duterte has recently announced he will seek the presidency in 2016 after months of flip-flopping and speculations, reportedly in an attempt to prevent a president who is not a natural-born Filipino from being elected to Malacañang, referring to leading presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe. (Click here to read more)


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