The die is cast: Duterte vows to take any legal hurdles all the way up to SC

  • Duterte assures supporters he will fight any legal challenge to his presidential bis
  • The mayor is referring to the two possible serious legal impediments raised by an election lawyer
  • Duterte says ‘the die is cast’ and there is nothing now that can make him withdraw from the race

MANILA, Philippines – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is more determined than ever to seek the presidency and has vowed to take any challenge to his bid all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Duterte was referring to the two potential serious obstacles to his impending Malacanang run earlier raised by election lawyer Romulo Macalintal.

Macalintal said Duterte may face technicality issues over the error in the certificate of candidacy (COC) filed by Martin Diño; the PDP-Laban presidential bet he was planning to replace before the substitution period ends next month.

Diño indicated in his COC that he is running for mayor, and not for president; a predicament which might leave Duterte with no one to substitute with.

Macalintal also raised the possibility that Diño may eventually be declared a nuisance candidate, which also means the latter’s COC will be null and void, and therefore substitution cannot be allowed.

But Duterte gave his supporters the assurance he will fight it out, even if it would mean taking the matter to the highest court.

“Yes, but I have no problem with that,” he said in an interview with Inquirer. “I don’t mind. It’s up to the Comelec to decide on it.”

“If they think they can disqualify me, go ahead. But I will have to… maybe file an MR (motion for reconsideration) and then go to the Supreme Court,” the mayor added when asked what could he do if his rivals used the technicality issue in Diño’s COC as grounds for his disqualification. (Click here to read more)


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