US, British and French elite units to join forces in hunting down ISIS – Report

  • Elite units from US and European countries will join forces to hunt down ISIS
  • The team will be composed of carefully drawn and selected soldiers from different countries to form a ‘hit squad’
  • The squads will be called the ‘global anti-terror’ team to quash ISIS operatives around the world

Elite security units from the United States, United Kingdom and France will be joining forces to help in hunting and eventually smashing down the terror group Islamic State (ISIS) all over the world, this was according to a report from the UK- based media outlet Mirror.

British Special Air Service (SAS) will join operatives from US’ highly secretive National Security Agency (NSA) and France’s General Directorate of External Security (DGSE) to form ‘hit squads’ whose primary task will be to destroy the world’s most dangerous jihadist group following the deadly attack in Paris on November 13 that killed 129 people and hurt dozens more.

The Mirror added SAS troops will also join 300 NATO Special Forces to hunt down ISIS. The team will be composed of soldiers handpicked from different countries to form what will be called as the ‘global anti-terror team’.

The three elite units from the US, UK and France will be sharing intelligence reports on the profile and activities of IS militants operating in Europe and America while the terrorists’ strongholds in the Middle East will be pounded with bombs in airstrikes which will be conducted via drone and air raids with the assistance of special teams on the ground.

“The mission will be dangerous, there will be a cost to pay but there is no alternative,” a highly-placed source told Mirror’s sister publication The Daily Star on Sunday. (Click here to read more)


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