Watch: Kurdish sniper takes down alleged ISIS car bomb

  • A Kurdish sniper takes down an alleged car bomb with one shot
  • The vehicle explodes, sending billows of smoke into the air
  • The Facebook page that posted the clip did not say where the incident happened

A Kurdish sniper supposedly saved the lives of his comrades by taking down an Islamic State car bomb with one shot.

The short video was uploaded on the Facebook page Kurdish Peshmerga Forces last November 21, but there were no details as to where the encounter took place, or if the car bomb indeed belongs to the terror group.

The Kurdish militants are instrumental in retaking the once ISIS-overrun Syrian town of Kobane near the Turkish border by putting up a brave defense despite lack of heavier artillery compared to the merciless army of Sunni jihadists.

After months of fierce battle, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces eventually drove the ISIS out of the town with help from the US-led airstrikes.

Despite gaining control of Kobane, the Kurdish army are still engaging ISIS in intermittent gun battle in the area surrounding the town; with the threats mostly coming from suicide bombers and car bombs driven through the streets of the ruined community.

While the Facebook post did not reveal the exact location where the clip below was captured, an article from the Mirror said the Kurdish sniper managed to save the lives of his comrades who were the target of the car bomb. (Click here to read more)


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