Woman buys whole toy store for the poor and homeless kids

  • A woman in Manhattan buys an entire toy store and donates the content to foster homes
  • She has been giving away gifts to the poor kids every year as an anonymous donor
  • It is the first time she talked about her charitable act in hopes of inspiring others

Christmas is just around the corner but it came early for hundreds of homeless kids and youths in Manhattan in New York after a woman donated the contents of an entire toy store to the foster homes.

Carol Suchman has been buying gifts and toys for the underprivileged children every year during the holiday season; but this year, she decided to do it big time by buying a toy shop that is going out of business and share all the items to the homeless kids.

The former technology PR firm owner toldNY1 she was walking in the West Village when she chance upon a toy and stationery shop named Hudson Party Store with a “For Rent” sign on the window.

“When I saw this toy store, I just realized I could do it on a grander scale,” Suchman narrated.

She immediately contacted the manager and worked out a deal to purchase the entire content of the store including thousands of boxes of school supplies and stuffed toys. However, she refused to disclose the amount of the deal.

“We talked and negotiated and bought the entire toy store,” she said. “I said to myself, it’s like that Matt Damon movie ‘I Bought a Zoo’. I said, ‘Oh my god, I bought a toy store.’”

Suchman then donated the items to the New York City’s Department of Homeless Services; to the pleasant surprise of Director of Special Events Antonio Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said he was shocked at the bulk of Suchman’s donation but is grateful for her generosity especially that the holiday is just a few weeks away and children are certainly looking forward to receiving a gift or two. (Click here to read more)


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