HK woman touched by Pinoy stranger’s kindness for lending her money in a bus

  • A Hong Kong woman was deeply touched by the kindness of a Filipino man who she does not even know
  • The Filipino stranger lend her some money without hesitation and did not even ask for her phone number
  • The story became viral on HK social media, earning huge praises from netizens

A Hong Kong woman was all praises for the generosity of a Filipino man who lend her money while they were aboard a bus, despite not even knowing each other.

The story was told by a woman surnamed Lui on her Facebook account and became viral in Hong Kong.

A related article on EJ Insight said Lui boarded a minibus near her apartment in Sai Kung on the evening of November 13, not knowing that she left her wallet at home.

While the driver agreed she could take the ride for a credit, Lui said she still needed some cash since she will be meeting her friends.

The first person she turned to at that desperate moment was the passenger sitting next to him – a man who was Filipino – whom she didn’t even get the name.

She asked the Filipino if she could borrow some HK$ 20, and the stranger immediately gave her HK$ 100 without hesitation.

The man even insisted on increasing the amount to HK$ 500 after learning she will be having dinner with friends at Causeway Bay, to which she eventually relented. (Click here to read more)


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