Syrian refugee ‘gives something back’ to Germany by feeding Berlin’s homeless

  • A photo of a man feeding the homeless in Berlin goes viral on social media
  • The man is a Syrian refugee who set up meal stations across the city to ‘give something back’ to the country who offered him safe haven
  • The viral picture is uploaded on Facebook by a friend who is touched by the overwhelming response

Photo Credit: Tabea Bu

A photo of a man feeding homeless people in the streets of Berlin has earned the admiration of netizens around the world recently.

The man in the picture is Alex Assali, a refugee from Damascus, Syria who is now living in Germany for more than a year after he was forced to flee his native country for fear of persecution from the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Assali’s photo taken at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz station showing him setting up a meal station for the city’s homeless people was first shared by his friend Tabea Bü on Facebook last November 22.

It has since gone viral after netizens learned about Assali’s story.

Assali fleed Damascus in 2007 after receiving threats over an online article he wrote that is critical of al-Assad’s government. His journey first took him to Libya where he began helping fellow Syrian refugees.

In September 2014, he came to Germany and settled. He had started setting up meal stations since August 2015 in different locations across the city every Saturday to distribute meal to the street dwellers, with the food he himself cooked in traditional Syrian. (Click here to read more)


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