Bungling ISIS jihadist gets blown up by mortar while filming propaganda video

  • An ISIS militant was blown up by a mortar while filming a propaganda video
  • The incident is said to have taken place in a Syrian desert
  • The man and his cameraman is believed to have both died in the blast

A bungling Islamic State jihadist was blown to pieces along with his cameraman while the two were filming a propaganda video, the Mirror reports on Friday, November 27.

It was not known when the incident exactly took place but it is thought to have happened in the desert somewhere in Syria, possibly near Raqqa; the self-proclaimed capital of the Sunni-extremist caliphate.

In the short clip which has gone viral on social media, an ISIS militant can be seen being recorded on camera calmly spewing a message of hate towards their so-called enemies – the ‘infidels’.

Moments later, a sound from an incoming attack can be heard screeching before the mortar landed just a few yards behind him. The man is then swallowed by a huge fireball, disappearing into the plumes of thick smoke and fire. (Click here to read more)


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