“Levitating” cars while on a busy junction in China baffles the internet

  • At least three cars in China suddenly ‘levitated’ while on a busy intersection
  • The strange incident caused confusion among netizens trying to explain the mystery
  • It is not immediately known whether people are hurt in the crash

A number of cars in China that suddenly went up into the air while on a busy intersection for still unexplained reason has baffled the internet.

The video of the bizarre incident has first emerged on LiveLeak, spawning a number of theories from internet users who struggled to explain the mystery.

In the short clip, a van can be seen slowly approaching a junction when its back suddenly went up into the air while trying to cross the pedestrian lane. Another car on the left side also followed suit, and had its front ‘levitating’ for a few seconds.

The first van landed hard on its side while the second crashed into it.

In the opposite direction, another sedan can be seen with its back side lifted by several inches from the ground before landing normally and drove off.

The 10-second raw clip is not clear enough whether there is something on the road, or underneath the three cars that caused them to ‘levitate’ almost at the same time.

While there were two more vehicles that can be seen in the video that were in the same line, only the three cars, however, were affected by the ‘unseen force’.

Confused pedestrians can also be seen backing off after witnessing the incident. It was not immediately known whether there are people hurt when the two cars crashed.

The strange phenomenon has sent the internet on the search for some logical explanation to the mystery. (Click here to read more)


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