One-armed widow juggles between 3 jobs to support 2 daughters

  • A woman who lost her arm struggles with three jobs to support her family
  • She lost her husband to a car accident three years ago
  • Netizens praise her for her spirit and unconditional love for her daughters

A one-armed woman has become the latest toast of the internet in China for showing the world that a disability should never be an impediment in life.

Identified in a Shanghaiist article as Fang Wenying, a widow from Anhui province in China struggles with three separate jobs in a sanitation department to support her family.

She lost her one arm in 2003 in a violent confrontation with her husband who was suffering then from schizophrenia. The man reportedly tried to attack one of their daughters with a knife. But Fang manage to deflect the thrust, but lost her arm while trying to protect the girl.

“During the darkest times I was considering getting divorced,” Fang was quoted as saying. “But after he returned to health, he begged me not to leave him.”

While the husband eventually recovered, another tragedy struck the family.

Ten years later, she lost her husband to a car accident while the couple were walking home together in 2013. The driver was never caught.

Now, she is supporting her two daughters by taking on three separate jobs, waking up early in the morning at 3:30 am and working till 10:00 pm. She is earning roughly Chinese Yuan 2,800 (US $435) a month, but that would hardly be enough for the three of them especially that her eldest daughter is studying at a Foreign Language University in Anhui. (Click here to read more)


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