PAL passenger dies on a flight from Canada to Manila

  • An elderly man dies in midflight while travelling from Vancouver to Manila on Monday
  • The man is believed to have succumbed to cardio-pulmonary arrest
  • It is the second similar incident for PAL over the past four months

MANILA, Philippines – An 82-year-old passenger died in midair while on a Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight from Canada to Manila, reports Jeannette Andrade of the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Monday, November 30.

The octogenarian man was identified as Mario Gonzales who boarded the 14-hour PAL flight in Vancouver. He reportedly complained of back pain around 7 hours before the plane was scheduled to land at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

He was even assisted by flight attendants when he requested for a hot compress to relieve the pain.

However, cabin crew noticed that he had fallen unconscious and unresponsive four hours later around 1:00 am, prompting his wife, who was also travelling with him, to wake him up, to no avail.

A doctor, who was also on the same flight, reportedly attempted to revive Gonzales but failed. He was later pronounced dead from cardio-pulmonary arrest about 30 minutes later. (Click here to read more)


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