Single mom delivers pizza to church; gets $1,400 tip from congregation

  • A lady driver delivers pizza to a local church in Tennessee and was called to join the pastor
  • She didn’t expect the church members to give her a huge tip
  • The money comes as a blessing at a time when she needs it most
  • The pastor said he only wants to teach members a lesson on generosity

Martin is a single mother of three (Credit: Yahoo News)

When Audrey Martin, a single mother of three, went to deliver pizzas to a local church in Tennessee, she didn’t expect to be called on stage by the pastor.

And she, likewise, didn’t expect to go home with a $1,400 tip, and with tears in her eyes, too.

Martin, 23, from Rocky Top had been working for Domino’s for four months. She had been struggling to raise her three kids; all under the age of 5.

But on Sunday, she received a blessing which came, she said, at a time when she needed it most.

Martin was not supposed to work on Sunday, but went to work anyway hoping to earn a few dollars more for her children’s Christmas gift.

When she arrived at the church with 10 boxes of pizzas, Pastor Tony McAfee called her to come up on the stage. Earlier, McAfee had called Domino’s if anyone among the staff is particularly in need of a blessing, so they sent Martin.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh’. I was so nervous because there were so many people out there. I was like, ‘I hope I don’t pass out,” Martin recalled.

When she got on stage, McAfee called on the congregation to help him come up with a good ‘tip’ for Martin. Without hesitation, the church members stood one by one and lined up to contribute. (Click here to read more)


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