All-female Kurdish troop deployed to take on ISIS in Syria – Report

  • Kurdish troops has deployed an all-female unit to take on Islamic State militants
  • These women are positioned at the frontline near the Syrian city of Al Hasakah
  • They knew well that ISIS are terrified of being killed by a woman

In one of the boldest move yet by the Kurdish paramilitary troops in Syria, anti-Islamic State forces has deployed an all-female unit to take on the jihadist militants on the ground.

The ISIS terrorists are known to be scared of fighting women in combat for fear that being killed by a female would prevent them from going to the promised paradise. Apparently, the Kurdish troops are capitalizing on these beliefs and decided to form an all-women group at the frontline in northeastern part of Syria where ISIS remains a threat.

In a report on CNN by Ben Wedeman on Tuesday, December 1, the journalist managed to speak with some of the members of the unit near at the Kurdish camp in the Syrian town of Al-Hasakah.

One 20-year-old female fighter Efelyn just laughed when asked what would happen if ISIS gets near her position.

“If they do,” Efelyn said bravely, while loading a machine gun in her hand.  “We won’t leave one of them alive.”

Another fighter agreed that ISIS are scared of them, not because the terrorist are outgunned, which is never the case anyway, but rather because these men are terrified of dying in the hands of women. (Click here to read more)


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