Duterte is taking a gamble by attracting public attention to his ‘darker sides’ – Miriam

  • Senator Miriam believes Duterte is taking a gamble by revealing his ‘dark sides’ in public
  • But she says the latest controversy involving the Davao mayor is certainly a revelation of his personality
  • Santiago adds people has to wait a few days to see how the controversy would affect Duterte’s presidential bid

MANILA, Philippines – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is probably taking a gamble by revealing his darker sides in public which is quite unnatural for someone who is running for the top post; this was according to Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Pressed for reaction about Duterte’s ‘cursing’ Pope Francis during his speech at a proclamation rally early this week, Santiago said in an interview on DZMM’s Wednesday edition of “Ikaw Na Ba?” (Are you the one?) segment that it is too early to conclude how the recent controversy could possibly affect the mayor’s Malacañang bid.

Santiago likened Duterte’s alleged ‘cursing’ of the Pontiff and his admission about being a womanizer to an ‘usapang kanto’ (street gossip) or ‘kwentong barbero’ (barber’s tale).

“We’ll, let us see. He’s taking a gamble,” Santiago said; adding that a politician would normally sanitize their language while appearing before the public, but it seems Duterte was taking the opposite route.

“But in this case, he is attracting public attention. Some are scandalized, some may consider that it’s just part of normal reality,” the senator explained. (Click here to read more)


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