British RAF Tornado wipes out deadly ISIS sniper team in Iraq

  • British RAF Tornado bomb a team of ISIS snipers shooting at Iraqi government troops
  • The raids were launched just hours after the British Parliament voted in favor of extending military actions in Syria
  • The British troop has also increased its logistics and personnel at a RAF base in Cyprus to provide support in the attacks vs. ISIS

A team of Islamic State snipers firing at Iraqi government troops has been completely wiped out by a single bomb from the British Royal Air Force (RAF) fighters just hours after the UK Parliament voted to join airstrikes in Syria.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said on Friday a number of British Tornado GR4s took off from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for an armed reconnaissance on Syria and spy mission over ISIS strongholds in Iraq.

“Royal Air Force aircraft have continued offensive operations against the Daesh terrorist network inside Syria and Iraq,” MoD said in a statement released to British media. “Overnight on December 3/4, Tornado GR4s from RAF Akrotiri conducted missions over Syria and Iraq.”

The statement came after the British Parliament voted 397 to 223 in favor of extending military actions in Syria following Prime Minister David Cameron’s impassioned speech in support of an intensified bombing raids in the aftermath of the Paris attack that killed 130 people last month.

After the initial raids on December 3, the British military quickly sent 6 Eurofighter Typhoons to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland. Two Tornados warplanes were also deployed from RAF Marham in Norfolk, doubling the number of jets already stationed at the base. (Click here to read more)


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