Pinay helper kills Lebanese employer with a dumbbell

  • A Filipina helper smashes her employer’s head with a glass vase, then with a dumbbell
  • The two had a heated argument prior to the alleged killing
  • The suspect even called the victim’s husband to tell him she killed his wife
  • Authorities have arrested the Filipina maid, but did not release her name in public

BEIRUT, Lebanon – A Filipina domestic worker is accused of killing her female Lebanese employer using a dumbbell on Thursday, December 3.

According to the Lebanese news outlet The Daily Star, the Filipina helper beat her 37-year old boss using first a glass flower vase, before repeatedly smashing her head with a dumbbell.

The victim is identified as Natalie Michel Solbane (Salban in other news reports) who is in her late 30s and a Lebanese citizen. She lives with her family in the region of Ain Najem in the district of Metn.

The name of the OFW suspect has not yet been released in public as of press time.

The Daily Star report said the suspect and the victim had a heated argument before the alleged killing. The two were in the house with the employer’s two-year-old daughter when the incident happened. (Click here to read more)


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