Burglar hides from cops in a pond, gets ‘eaten’ by alligator

  • A burglar tried to rob some homes in Florida and escaped from chasing cops
  • Unfortunately, he has hidden in a pond guarded by an alligator
  • He has gone missing and his dead body was recovered ten days later
  • The police confirmed the suspect was attacked and eaten by the animal

He hid in the wrong place.

A 22-year-old suspected burglar in Florida tried to escape from authorities and hid in a pond. He has gone missing the next day, and is believed to be attacked by an 11-foot long alligator guarding the place.

Last November 13, Matthew Riggins, told her girlfriend he will be with another cohort at Barefoot Bay where they are planning to break into houses to rob.

On that night, neighbors claimed to local media they have seen Riggins and his unnamed accomplice suspiciously lurking behind houses in the neighborhood, prompting residents to call the police and report the matter.

Authorities immediately responded to the scene around 2:00 am with K-9s and a helicopter to search for the suspects. Unfortunately they failed in tracking the men and found no one.

Police said witnesses have heard ‘yelling’ near the lake that night but could not trace the source. (Click here to read more)



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