“Heartless” mother ties her child like a dog in viral photo

  • A mother who ties her child like a dog draws condemnation online
  • The disturbing scene is captured on picture by a netizen at a Divisoria mall
  • Netizens castigate the mother for treating her son like a dog

A very disturbing photo is going viral on social media showing a young child sleeping on the bare floor while being tied to his mother who was also sleeping on a table at a mall in Divisoria.

The original picture was credited to a netizen named Crystal. Her account of the story was posted on the Facebook page Filipino Netizensand has since gone viral.

According to Crystal, she saw the mother and son at the food court of the 999 Mall in Divisoria sometime this week.

The two caught the attention of the public after the mother tied the boy, who appears to be no more than 2 years old, to her waist to keep him from roaming around the place.

At the same time, the woman, who seemed very tired, managed to take a nap on a table without being disturbed; apparently having no fear over losing her son among the crowd of shoppers.

Crystal said she also witnessed how the woman scolded the child; beating and shouting loudly at the poor boy; drawing attention from passersby.

120813Then the boy ends up sleeping on the floor; the harrowing scene that was captured eliciting strong negative reactions from netizens for the supposedly “heartless” mother. (Click here to read more)


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