This man’s son was killed by a drug addict, now he’s campaigning hard for Duterte

  • Manny Piñol shares the story of a father whose son was killed by a drug-crazed man and now campaigns hard for Mayor Duterte
  • The incident has since scarred the father and the family
  • He now sees Duterte as the only man who can give justice to his son’s death

 MANILA, Philippines – A man believes Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is his only hope to get justice for his son who was stabbed by a drug crazed man and later died. Now he is campaigning hard for the feisty mayor to win in 2016.

The story was told by former North Cotabato Governor Manny Piñol in a Facebook post.

The man in the photo shared by Piñol is Dennis Garcia; the driver of his close friend Rene Concordia of San Pablo City.

“Dennis is a happy spirit and whenever he drives me around Metro Manila, he would fascinate me with his stories about almost everything under the sun,” Piñol wrote. “About three months ago, however, there was an evident sadness in Dennis.”

He learned later that Garcia’s son, 29-year-old Denmark, a college undergraduate who used to work as a cashier in a canteen in San Pablo City, was seriously wounded in a knife attack by a drug-crazed man.

The suspect allegedly attacked Denmark without provocation. The victim was stabbed in the back and the suspect was never caught.

The attack has paralyzed Denmark and his hospitalization has put the family in a very tight financial situation. He died eventually two weeks ago, Piñol narrated.

“That was when I realized that the threat of drugs and crime against children and youth of this generation is real as Duterte had warned repeatedly,” he wrote.

“The happy and jolly Dennis Garcia, 50, changed a lot. He seemed lost at times and the jokes did not come as frequently as before,” Piñol continued. (Click here to read more)


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