Mom gives birth in a cab, names her son ‘Uber’

  • A woman in India gives birth to a healthy baby boy inside an Uber cab
  • The driver even helped in delivering the child at the backseat of the taxi
  • The Uber driver jokingly suggests to name the child Uber, and the mother immediately agrees

One baby will surely grow up to have one of the most recognizable name; not just in his country, but perhaps, all over the world.

A woman in India who has given birth inside a cab didn’t look too far to come up with a name for her son; the suggestion came from the driver himself. So she named him Uber.

The young mother named Babli (Devli in other news outlets) from south Delhi took an Uber cab on the way to the hospital after repeated efforts to get an ambulance failed. She shared the taxi with two other persons.

But the horrendous city traffic delayed their journey and the driver named Shanavaz Khan was forced to park the cab as Babli started to writhe over labor pains.

“I jokingly said, the number of passengers has increased in my car. Everyone was smiling but the patient was crying. She was in pain,” Shanawaz recalled. (Click here to read more)


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