This woman ‘voluntarily’ cleans island below LRT

  • A Facebook user shares a photo of a woman ‘voluntarily cleaning’ the islands below LRT in Pasay City
  • The sharer hopes the post reaches concerned agencies in the city
  • He also hopes the woman will be recognized for her ‘selfless’ effort

Photo Credit: Castro Theseus

MANILA, Philippines – A Facebook user has shared a picture of an elderly woman supposedly cleaning the area below LRT in Pasay City. She is believed to be doing the job upon her own will.

The photo was shared by one Castro Theseuswho said it should draw the attention of the Pasay City officials.

“Isa siyang matanda na sa una ay aakalain mong wala sa matinong pag-iisip, sa kadahilanang siya ay may bitbit na dalawang malaking plastik na hindi ko malaman ang laman at kung anu-ano ang kanyang ginagawa,” Theseus wrote on Facebook.

(She is an old woman who you would think as crazy, because she often carries big plastic bags with unknown content and is usually seen doing something.)

However, the sharer realized that the bags actually contain dried leaves and branches from the plants along Taft Avenue which were cluttering the busy thoroughfare.

Apparently the unnamed woman took it upon her own initiative to pick the litters under the LRT. (Click here to read more)


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