Pinoy searching for Saudi father for decades finally gets a call from ‘dad’

  • A Filipino has been looking for his Saudi father since his teenage years
  • He claims to have been abandoned by his father after his mother got pregnant in 1984
  • He finally got a call from a man introducing himself to be his biological father after a Saudi newspaper published his story
  • He is now looking forward to meeting his father for the first time but need to undergo DNA test

Elayan Kris P. Allafi Jr (Photo Credit: Saudi Children Left Behind)

Elayan Kris P. Allafi Jr. has been looking for his father since his teenage years after realizing he was carrying an unusual name. His mother eventually told him the story about his father being a Saudi man she met in the Philippines in the 80’s.

Now 31, Allafi currently resides with his mother in Malaysia, but the search for his father never ended until he sought the help of Arab News.

Speaking to Arab News, Allafi said his mother, Dolly Pascua, met his Saudi father, Elayan Fahad Allafi, back in 1983 in Manila through a Filipino business partner.

But Allafi’s father left them in 1984 while his mom was heavily pregnant with him. They have never heard from him since. He has tried everything, including social media, to track Allafi Sr., but to no avail.

“My father left my mother when she was pregnant with me and never came back. I’ve never seen him and am really very keen to meet him,” he told Arab News.

Love letter and photos left

He also approached the Saudi Arabia embassy in Manila for help and provided documents such as an old ‘love letter’ and some photos. However, he never got a call back from the embassy despite repeated promises.

“The only evidence I have is my father’s “love letter” to my mother with his full name from Riyadh. I am willing to go for DNA testing if required,” Allafi Jr. said. (Click here to read more)


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